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Joining the Order

For a secret society, the Ordo Fanatica is quite receptive to new members. A rotating group of editors (the "Inner Circle") democratically selects articles for publication. Editors volunteer on an issue-by-issue basis and the theme of each release is decided by consensus.

If you have written an article (or have an idea for an article) that you'd like to submit, please send it here. It may be worthwhile asking about the planned theme of our next issue before you spend a great deal of time polishing your work for publication.

Liber Fanatica does not pay its authors, nor does it claim legal ownership over works submitted or published.

Liber Fanatica #5 will be a sourcebook for Wurtbad, the capital of Stirland. Liber Fanatica #6 will probably be a series of adventures using material from LF5. Email us for further details.